How Did Kaia Gerber Lose Weight – New York City

How Did Kaia Gerber Lose Weight

How Did Kaia Gerber Lose Weight – New York City

Kaia enjoys bagels on a regular basis. She says food matters to her, and she always wakes up hungry. Can anybody else relate?
Her family grabs bagels from this Beverly Hills deli on a regular basis.

Kaia likes to grab steak tacos at Cafe Habana Malibu. For a treat, she likes the restaurant’s Cuban-style banana split with caramelized plantains. Sounds delicious!
I think tacos can be a very healthy option. Stick to healthy fats (avocados, anybody?), some veggies, and whole wheat tortillas!

Kaia loves pasta. Not many of us can get away with eating carbs on a regular basis, but ectomorphs like Kaia can! She says that penne with vodka sauce is one of her favorite meals ⁠— and one of the only dishes she knows how to prepare.

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